Mr. Dingrando invited our class up to watch some robot races in the HS! During this experience, we were able to ask questions about their robots and some of us got to try operating the robots. Afterwards, Ms. Randee surprised us with our own Bee Bots! We spent Thursday and Friday working together and trying to figure out how to program our robots. The robots are a bit different from the HS robots. Check out our slideshow to see our first few days of exploration and inquiring into robots! 

What does 'Important' mean?

Our Personal Meanings Unit of Inquiry has begun! We began by focusing on what does the word important mean?

Important means... 
Special and helpful! 

We made sure to record all of our ideas so we had an idea of what everyone though it meant! 

After sorting through our definitions and examples of important, we created a class definition! Important means something that is a big part of our lives. 

Here is the first of our three essential questions for our Personal Meaning Unit. Use these three questions to start discussions at home! 

We will begin sharing what is important to us and our families next week! Check out our class pet blogs to see what each of you will get to do!

Bill the Bison

Jackson the Jackalope

Mathematical Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a key component during our math workshop. Students are able to apply their knowledge and strategies to open-ended math story problems! 

A look into setting up our classroom environment and reading workshop!

Setting up Reading Workshop...

Setting up the classroom by bringing in a bit of home! 

Thank you, Ms. Anissa! Your videos show our learning so well! 

Last Week of School

Here is a slideshow that has some pictures from special events from this past week. Enjoy!